Pharmaceutical and over-the-counter (OTC) medications require packaging that protects the efficacy and quality of these critical products. Degradation of medications and health supplements in solid dose format are typically caused by the presence of oxygen and/or moisture. Selig’s barrier laminations for blister packaging protect the integrity of these medications and offer a transparent structure to allow the consumer a final visual verification that they are indeed accessing the correct medication.

Selig has a long history as the largest supplier and innovation leader in the North American pharmaceutical market. This market is dominated with pill bottles which are sealed with tamper evident induction liners. Selig was the 1st to introduce these liners to the industry and has had a market leading position for over 30 years. Each year hundreds of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and OTC brands trust Selig materials to seal billions of their packages. Selig’s expertise and position as the industry leader when it comes to protecting medicines from external contaminants such as oxygen and moisture in rigid packaging is now being used in other forms of pharmaceutical packaging, such as blister packaging where each individual dose is protected. Selig also has solutions for flexible secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical and OTC industry.

Packaging for pharmaceutical products must first and foremost protect the product and its effectiveness with complete certainty  Thanks to new film technology, even the highest protection requirements can be achieved without aluminium foil or the combination of different polymers. We would be pleased to find a solution for your product together with you.

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