Granola & Grain Bars

Bars, biscuits & other baked goods
– winningly different on the shelf and in taste
Your product is subjected to merciless competition. This means that your focus is on merchandising your biscuit products. The technology of the packaging material plays a lesser role. Packaging is our core business. We focus on high-quality packaging materials that protect the product and give visual impact on the shelf. Our packaging materials for biscuits are tried and tested. The only things that need concern you now are: price/performance, flexibility, minimal inventory and 100 % dependable delivery – we offer all this plus all common packaging materials for your biscuit products. So you can fully concentrate on your competitive abilities.

Want to know more?

  • Flow Packs in Various Material Combinations
  • Hot and Cold seal Applications
  • Re-closable Solutions
  • From Simple Internal Flow Pack Boxes to Other Elaborately Designed Packaging

A sustainable packaging solution must provide a positive environmental benefit without compromising the protection of your product. When reviewing or updating your packaging, it is best practice to check current regulatory requirements, – such as a barrier against mineral oils. We would be happy to review relevant regulations and our numerous solutions for your application.

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