Custom Solutions

One of Selig’s greatest strengths is its ability to supply quality custom solutions for applications that do not have readily available market solutions.  One example of our custom solutions is in protecting critical components such as batteries, precision watch parts, and other high value products that need protection from elements that can degrade their effectiveness or cause damage. Usually moisture and the presence of oxygen can degrade these sensitive products. Selig’s custom solution in these cases often involve barrier laminates that are eventually thermoform processed to create a blister pack structure for product protection.

For especially sensitive products, Selig can apply a unique coating to the inside layer of its packaging which over time adheres to the exposed surface of the critical component, further protecting the component from moisture or oxygen which may have been present when the component was initially packaged.

Your product requires a unique packaging solution. Even if functionality comes before sustainability, compliance with the relevant regulations provides a competitive advantage. We would be pleased to work with you to find out what sustainable solutions are possible for your application.

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