Coffee Capsules

Capsule Lidding – materials need to withstand a most demanding environment

It all starts with reliable and safe sealing characteristics, a wide sealing window and the ability to seal through extraneous coffee grounds.

Our custom developed structures protect coffee and similar products against oxidation, external odors and moisture, while protecting the unique aromas and flavor profiles intended for the consumer.

Our laminates are developed to provide all needed characteristics to handle the high water pressures and temperatures in the brewing process. They are available unprinted or with high resolution 10 color gravure print. Depending on your needs, we can supply two, three or four layer structures. All structures are available with or without barrier coatings such as AlOx, SiOx or a metallization.

We offer a wide spectrum of different sealing materials for ultrasonic or conduction seal technologies to meet your requirements for seal strength, piercability and tear resistance.

Our quality and development laboratories are specifically equipped for testing and developing materials for this demanding application. Our history and experience will assure your capsules work flawlessly, which is critical when the success of millions of capsules is at stake. Our development team is committed to helping you find the best solution.

A sustainable packaging solution must provide a positive environmental benefit without compromising the protection of your product. When reviewing or updating your packaging, it is best practice to check current regulatory requirements, – such as a barrier against mineral oils. We would be happy to review relevant regulations and our numerous solutions for your application.


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