Soft Cheese Packaging

Soft cheese, superior packaging helps the maturing process

The role of packaging in soft cheese production is an important one. In addition to the customary level of protection and market presence comes the dimension of maturing. Only if it has the right packaging material, does cheese ripen as it should.

Here, we attach particular importance to:

  • the exchange of atmosphere: Soft cheese often requires micro-perforation and/or strip lamination
  • the contact surface: a suitably chosen hot melt that also serves as a package closure
    Soft cheese packaging is something very special.
    Our packaging consists of:
Protective coating ensuring scratch resistance and an added gloss
Print ranging from simple monochrome printing to photo quality
OPP 20 my often metallised and with micro-perforation
Strip lamination additionally improves exchange of atmosphere
Paper approx. 40 g/m2

important for the folding and dead fold

Hot melt must be approved for direct food contact and seal extremely well

Benefit from our many years of experience in the optimal packaging of your soft cheese:

  • Experience: We have extensive experience in manufacturing material for soft-cheese products.
  • Hotmelt technology: We can apply gravure print hotmelt  inline. This is efficient and secure.
  • Micro: We can perforate in lamination. Only the film is perforated. This will protect your product.
  • Bio-compatible product: Our lacquers, varnishes, etc., are also suitable for organic labels.

A sustainable packaging solution must provide a positive environmental benefit without compromising the protection of your product. When reviewing or updating your packaging, it is best practice to check current regulatory requirements, – such as a barrier against mineral oils. We would be happy to review relevant regulations and our numerous solutions for your application.

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