Sustainability Policy

Selig actively pursues a balance between economic growth and responsibility to our employees, customers, the community and the environment. To accomplish this, we focus on the 5 Rs of Sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish and Rethink. These principles of sustainability are applied across Selig’s global organization in support of Selig’s basic responsibilities to people and the planet.

Selig is engaged in sustainable development through:

  • Establishing annual targets for injury elimination, recycling improvement, waste and emissions reduction and energy saving that are supported by continuous improvement projects.
  • Supporting product development initiatives that foster material reduction and recycling.
  • Working with our customers and suppliers to educate, promote and apply sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.


Recyclable Flexible Materials

As with all materials, each consumer should check with their local municipal recycling company to determine what is recyclable. However, in many systems, single material (mono-material) flexible packaging made from PP may be recyclable. Contact your Selig Sales representative to discuss your recycling requirements for flexible packaging and find out more about our recyclable product offerings.

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